We do our part to clean up our towns. Recycle when we can and all that. When it comes to the dirtiest cities in the United States we may think of towns that you may see trash on the sides of the road like you do in movies like New York City or Detroit and all that. Maybe something from New Jersey? The website LawnStarter came up with a list of the dirtiest cities and Washington makes the list not one, not two but five times. Five times, indeed. Here's a look at each city and where it ranks on this list.

Tacoma - 87th place
Seattle - 101st place
Spokane - 108th place
Vancouver - 136th place
Bellevue - 139th place

conspicuous by its absence, no word on Yakima or our surrounding towns. So, yay us? These guys based these on 150 of the biggest cities in the United States so Yakima isn't on the list but if it was, I'd venture to say it'd at least be in the double-digits. What do you think?

Taking the role of first place belongs to Houston, TX, believe it or not. Newark, NJ came in 2nd which sounds about right.

Pollution, living conditions, infrastructure and consumer satisfaction all played a roll when coming up with this list.

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