The next time you have a hunch, follow it!  Just ask Becky Bell of Auburn, WA.

She is the winner of the $754.6 million Powerball Jackpot from February 5th.  Bell came forward to claim her prize this week and Washington Lottery officials released details of her amazing good fortune.

Bell was at the Fred Meyer store in Auburn, WA because her daughter wanted to buy some Powerball tickets.  Bell told Lottery officials she bought an extra ticket for the drawing because she saw a sign that estimated a winning ticket could be worth a $747 million jackpot.  Bell has been a Boeing employee for 36 years and she followed that hunch because Boeing just rolled out the last 747 Jumbo jet earlier that week.

The intuition paid off as her ticket was the only winner and earned the fifth largest prize in Powerball history worth $754,550,826 before taxes.  Bell elected the lump sum payment and pocketed a cool $309 million.  Now her planned June retirement will come at the end of March.

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Bell is not the only winner.

The retailer that sells the winning ticket receives a $50,000 bonus. The store donated the Auburn Food Bank.

Fred Meyer's President Todd Kammeyer said the company is giving the Auburn store $10,000 for an employee celebration

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