The White River and Irving Peak fires have now burned over 2,600 acres, with most of the new fire growth coming from the eastern flank of the Irving Peak fire.

The fires are roughly 15 miles from Plain.

Northwest Team 8 Spokesperson Stacy Lacie said containment remains at just 1% for both fires because they are still burning in an area where firefighters can't safely reach.

"So we're building kind of like a catcher's mitt around it." Lacie said, "So if it was to get up and do anything, if the weather gets a little hotter and drier or the wind comes up, we have our plan in place."

The Irving Peak fire has reached Forest Road 6504; an important development because that will allow firefighters to create an anchor point. An anchor point is a barrier to fire spread and firefighters can now begin to clean up the blaze's edge along Forest Road 6504.

There are approximately 348 personnel currently on the fires.

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