It's mostly dirt and fence right now, but in a few months the city of Wenatchee's Community Garden will come alive.

Crews are kicking off phase two of the project. They're building 50 raised garden beds, a storage shed, walkways and benches on the corner of Yakima and Okanogan Streets.

"The first 14 (garden plots) or so were installed before the snow started melting and it got all too muddy to do anything. So over the next probably month or month and a half, you'll see that garden really start to grow. You'll see the rest of the garden plots get installed." Parks Director Dave Erickson said.

Phase two of the Wenatchee Community Garden project underway
Phase two of the Wenatchee Community Garden project underway

Once the garden plots are built, they will be filled with organic material followed by the installation of water utilities to each garden plot.

"When all that's done, we'll be putting in ADA (American with Disabilities Act) accessible surfacing and a shed for the gardeners' tools and then also a sidewalk. So hopefully by early early mid-season, you'll see a garden that'll be up and ready to roll." Erickson said.

A program to determine the owner of each garden plot is already established. At the start of each year, people reserve slots for the upcoming growing season on a first come, first serve basis.

"We'll do an announcement as soon as we get it all finished and ready to use for the year. I know we do have a waiting list started already for people that have called and are interested. So if they are interested in gardening, they can call us down at the Parks and Rec office at 509-888-3284." Erickson said.

Only fruits and vegetables are allowed, no trees or perrennials. At the end of each growing season, plot owners pull their crops and restore the garden beds to their original condition for the next owner.

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