MAKE THE KITTY PURR…7 of the Most Cutest Cat Cafes in WA

Warning: The following cat puns are on PURR-pose! We have found 7 of the cutest cat cafes in Washington state and we want you to go visit one.

My 11-year-old daughter, Willow, asked me where the closest cat cafe was to us. You have got to be kitten me! I told her that I had no idea where any cat cafes were so Willow asked to write an article listing all of the cat cafes in Washington so that everyone will know.

Kitty Cantina Cat Cafe in Spokane
Kitty Cantina via Instagram


I had purrsumed that a cat cafe was a coffee bar with a bunch of cats running around inside it getting cat hair all over stuff. While that is partially true, cat cafes can also double as a pet rescue facility. They can even triple as a place for you to come and cuddle with sweet, adorable cats–cat therapy, if you will.

Seattle Meowtropolitan Cat Cafe
Seattle Meowtropolitan via Instagram


You can find two (2) cat cafes in Seattle and one in the following Washington state cities: Spokane, Redmond, Bellingham, Tacoma, and Pullman.

Cat Cafes in Seattle


1. NEKO Cat Cafe
519 E Pine St

2. Seattle Meowtropolitan
1225 N 45th St




Neko Cat Cafe in Bellingham
Neko Cat Cafe via Instagram


Cat Cafes in Spokane


3. Kitty Cantina
6704 N Nevada St Suite #1


Whole Cat and Caboodle in Redmond
Whole Cat & Caboodle via Instagram

Cat Cafes in Pullman


4. Pups & Cups Cafe
250 E Main St



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Cat Cafes in Bellingham


5. NEKO Cat Cafe
1130 Cornwall Ave


Cattfinated in Tacoma
Cattfinated Cat Cafe via Facebook

Cat Cafes in Redmond



6. The Whole Cat and Caboodle
8103 161st Ave Northeast

Cat Cafes in Tacoma


7. Cattfeinated Cat Lounge
2515 6th Ave


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