The Washington State Department of Health will be overseeing the Narcan program.

Thousands of bottles of Narcan spray coming

According to the WA State Attorney General's Office, and other sources, over the next two years 54,000 spray bottles of Naloxone, also known as Narcan, will be made available. The money for the spray is being provided by the pharmaceutical company Teva, which was sued a few years ago by the state for allegedly fueling the 'opioid' crisis.

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The program will be overseen by the WA State Department of Health. This is the same kind of Narcan that has been carried by law enforcement and EMS first responders over the last few years. WA State has seen an explosion in Fentanyl-related deaths, as the drug continues to pour into the state.

The drug will only work against opioids, but health officials say it will not harm someone if they overdose on a different kind of drug.

In 2022, just over 2,000 people died in WA state from opioid-related overdoses, and 1.803 involved Fentanyl use.

The Department of Health will be formally announcing when the spray will be available for people to ask for, for free.


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