A 28-year-old Quincy man will serve three months in jail after reaching a plea deal in what was originally a carjacking case. 

Pablo Jovanie Tapia pleaded guilty Monday to unlawful firearm possession and DUI in Chelan County Superior Court.  

Tapia's plea deal eliminates a charge of motor vehicle theft, plus he's also getting credit for time served. 

Initial documents filed in Chelan County Superior Court indicate the owner of an SUV contacted officers about their vehicle being stolen at gunpoint just before 1 a.m. April 6 in the 900 block of South Mission Street. 

A short time later, police stopped the SUV on State Route 28 about four miles outside East Wenatchee and arrested Tapia and 20-year-old Marcus Chavez of Quincy. 

Investigators say Chavez allegedly tossed a semi-automatic pistol out of the stolen SUV when officers went to pull the vehicle over. 

Police reportedly recovered the weapon and said they had dash camera video evidence of Chavez attempting to dispose of it. 

Chelan County Superior Court Judge Kristin Ferrera sentenced Tapia to three months in jail plus five years of court supervision. 

Chavez is still awaiting trial and continues to face a felony charge of theft of a motor vehicle along with misdemeanor charge of minor in possession of alcohol. 

His trial date is set for October 22.

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