The Pioneer Fire continues to burn 3,811 acres on the north shore of Lake Chelan. There are also still 8 helicopters dumping water drawn from the lake onto the fire. The total number of people working the fires has continued to increase a bit from 330 Monday to 378 on Tuesday.  

The fire is burning on steep wooded terrain, which is difficult and dangerous for fire response crews to access. 

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Chelan County Commissioner Tiffany Gering says she was told by Forest Service Chelan and Entiat District Ranger Paul Willard that the fire could burn until fall weather sets in. 

"It most likely is going to burn all summer," said Gering during Monday's Chelan County Commission meeting. "It's in steep terrain. And if it continues to move up lake, the terrain only gets steeper." 

Department of Natural Resources spokesperson Ryan Rodruck was less specific about how long the fire would last, but did say that given the remoteness, ruggedness and steepness of the fire, he did expect it to be there for some time.  

According to a Tuesday release from Northwest Incident Management team commanders, fire personnel are developing long-term suppression strategies for potential use later this summer. 

The trails and campgrounds in the Pioneer Fire's footprint are closed and will remain so until October 1st. 

A National Forest Service public safety closure order is in effect for the Lakeshore Trail from Prince Creek up lake to the trailhead at Stehekin and portions of the Chelan Sawtooth Wilderness.  

Moore Point campground and the entire Lakeshore Trail are now closed.  

The closure includes Prince Creek, Cascade Creek, and Moore Point boat-in campgrounds. 

The are also evacuation notices in place for the small number of buildings in the highly remote area, which is only accessible by boat. 

Rodruck says the crews are primarily concerned with protecting recreation infrastructure in the area. 

"We're talking trails, we're talking docks, we're talking campgrounds, primarily that recreational infrastructure," said Rodruck. "We're working to get those lines hardened." 

Fire activity lately has remained moderate, and the fire is being held between Meadow Creek and Prince Creek. 

Planning is underway to establish a spike camp at Stehekin, where personnel and supplies will be positioned to support activities to the north. 

The evacuation notices are as follows: 

A Level 3 (Go Now) evacuation order is in place from just north of Moore Point south to Canoe Creek. Down lake: A Level 2 (Be Prepared) evacuation order has been issued down lake from Canoe Creek to Lone Fir Creek.  

A Level 1 (Stay Alert) order is in place from Lone Fir Creek down lake to Safety Harbor. 

Up lake: A Level 2 (Be Prepared) evacuation order is in place from just north of Moore Point to, and including, Flick Creek Campground.  

A Level 1 (Stay Alert) evacuation order is in place up lake from Flick Creek Campground to, and including, the Fourmile Creek camping area. 

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